Eurofleur Enterprises Pty Ltd was founded in May 1993 by Bill deMello, Senior Creative Perfumer with over 38 years experience in creative perfumery.

After completing seven years training with a French company in Lyons, France, Bill migrated to Australia in 1974, serving with three international Flavour and Fragrance companies as Senior Perfumer and Sales Development Manager over a period of nineteen years. Over this time, the trend in Australia was going through a change. Most fragrance companies were moving their creative and manufacturing facilities off shore. That's when Bill decided it was time to secure his future within Australia and Eurofleur Enterprises was established.

Since its inception, Eurofleur has always placed a big emphasis on Creativity, Innovation, Quality and Punctuality in response to customer's requests for new development and order delivery.

One of the policies adopted since the early days of its inception was diversification. Our company has diversified into a small but effective range of finished products involving the use of fragrances and essential oils. Innovation in the field of Eco friendly products and "Green Fragrances" are one of our main objectives.

Continuity and back-up are vital in the success of any company and we are no exception. General Manager Ravi deMello has been Bill's understudy for the past ten years and is now a competent Perfumer in his own right.

Eurofleur Enterprises offers these key factors to all our clients:

  • Custom designed fragrances
  • Highest quality raw ingredients
  • Fully equipped fragrance and application laboratory
  • Finished product creation and presentation
  • Overseas contacts